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a) Partner Franchise

Under this type of franchise, Partner Franchisee can introduce other Franchise also and the benefit will pass on to the Partner Franchisee based on the MOU .

b) Individual Franchise

Under this Type of franchise , The franchisee can take all the facilities as a franchise but can not attract the benefit of introducing other franchisee based on MOU.

c) Study Centers

Under this type of franchise, The franchisee will not get the full support from franchiser but Authorized to use course material and conduct on line exams based on MOU.

d) Authorized Centers

Under this type of Franchise, The franchisee will only be allowed to take Distance Course Admission and Course Certification Admission . The franchisee will be allowed to conduct on line exams on the behalf of Capital Computers based on MOU.


a) Urban Metropolis cities (A)
b) Urban District (B)
c) Rural Town (C)
d) Rural Villages (D)